How Laser Tattoo Removal works

While most people with tattoos have them for their lifetime, there are ways to get rid of them if you are in desperate need of doing so. Tattoo Removal Cincinnati has more information about how a physician can remove tattoos for you.

Tattoo removal is done with a laser and can be an easy (albeit slightly painful) process depending on how big the area is that’s being worked on and a few other factors.

Laser tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo removal is a growing industry with so many people making bad decisions in regards to what ink they choose to have put into their skin. Tattoo removal came about when it was discovered that laser’s break down the ink and this is basically how the process works in a nutshell. Short pulses of intense light are shot at the skin by qualified doctors in tattoo removal, these pulses pass through the top layers of the skin and is absorbed by the tattoo ink.

This breaks the tattoo down which is then removed by the body’s own immune system over time. It is a completely safe process, only the tattoo is targeted and no harm will be done to the skin around the area. Lighter colors can actually be more difficult to remove than darker colors in the tattoo and it goes without saying that a few treatments will probably be needed.

Smaller tattoos can usually be fully removed within just a few treatments and if the ink is not good quality and has not penetrated your skin very far, the laser will also be able to easily remove it. The tattoo will begin to fade after you first treatment and it will disappear to pretty much nothing after usually a MAXIMUM of 11 treatments.

It is thought that tattoos that are placed on areas of the body that have more fat like the buttocks, arms and legs are easier to remove than tattoos located on areas that have less fat like the hands and feet. Laser tattoo removal will hurt, probably the same amount or even a little more than what getting the tattoo in the first place did.

However, the process is usually over within minutes and it is rather easy to at least tolerate the level of pain during this process and it might make you think twice about getting regrettable tattoos in future. Laser tattoo removal can cost a lot depending on how many treatments you need but you can often find deals like $400 for 4 courses of treatment so just have a look whats out there.

Laser Tattoo Removal Conclusion

If you have got a tattoo done that no longer appeals to you or even have the dreaded exes name somewhere on your body, there’s no need to panic. Tattoo removal is a straight forward process that will literally zap that ink from your skin after a few treatments. Tattoos should be thought about carefully before you go under the needle but thanks to tattoo removal, more and more people are finding a suitable solution for their mistakes. If you are interested in going through this to get rid of unwanted tattoos, look for laser tattoo removal doctors in Cincinnati who can help you out.